Belzona Floor Coating System Protects Commercial Truck Lift Elevator Floor

KHIA ID: 6317
Industry: Commercial Facilities (COMM)
Application: FPA-Floor Problem Areas (FPA)
Substrate: Checker Plate Steel
Customer Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Application Date: November 21, 2015

Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate)

Belzona 5233 

Belzona 9232 (Aggregate)

Problem: Existing screed flooring covering a steel checker plate floor had failed due to a combination of corrosion, chemical attack (Road salt in winter), traffic load and movement. The failing screed had chipped off and was allowing the steel substrate to corrode. There were also concerns over cleanliness and slip & fall safety.
Photograph Descriptions

1. Truck elevator existing screed coating being removed and surface prepared

2. Damaged screed and corroded substrate

3. Belzona 9232 being broadcast into Belzona 5231

4. Completed application with Belzona 5233 top coat

Application Situation
A downtown high rise in Toronto has two large truck elevators, allowing goods to be delivered at the internal loading dock. 
Application Method
Belzona 5231, 9232 and 5233 were all applied in accordance with the Belzona 5233 IFU and following the Belzona know-How system leaflet FPA-08 application of non-slip safety surfaces for floors. The substrate was abrasive blasted to the required standard, removing the failed screed material. The Belzona 5231 was applied by roller at a DFT of 10 mils (250 Microns), whilst wet Belzona 9232 was broadcast to rejection into the Belzona 5231.Once cured the excess Belzona 9232 was swept and vacuumed away and the top coat of Belzona 5233 applied by roller.
Belzona Facts
The customer wanted a system that would provide long term corrosion and environmental protection from the moisture and salt trafficked onto the surface. Along with being safe for pedestrians and functional to resist the loading and movement of truck traffic.