KHIA ID: 981
Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)
Application: WPA-Wall Problem Areas (WPA)
Substrate: Stone & Wrought Iron
Customer Location: Primary School, UK
Application Date: November 2007

Belzona® 1111 (Super Metal)

Belzona® 4231 (E Magma Quartz)

Belzona® 6111 (Liquid Anode)

Belzona® 5111 (Ceramic Cladding)

Belzona® 5122 (Clear Cladding Concentrate)

Problem: Cracking and spalling of 2 stone towers and corrosion of connecting wrought iron metalwork created a Health & Safety risk.
Photograph Descriptions

  1. The problem
  2. Stone removal
  3. Completed rear tower
  4. Completed work

Application Situation
Two stone towers connected with a wrought iron construction at the top of an old school building.
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflets WPA-4 & 8. The stonework was rebuilt with Belzona® 4231. Belzona® 1111 used to rebuild corrodedl wrought iron before protecting with Belzona® 6111/5111 system. Belzona® 5122 applied to stonework for long term protection.
Belzona Facts
Using Belzona we were able to preserve the original aesthetics of the building in keep with the period build of the school! Also the cost of the job was £6,500 including labour. This gave the Council a considerable saving compared to rebuilding the towers from scratch or alternative methods of repair that wouldn’t uphold the aesthetics of the building.