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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on this site?

This site can be used to access the large database of Belzona case studies (KHIA) that have been created over the years.

What have we done to improve the KHIA search?

In response to a common piece of feedback received over the last few years regarding the need to improve the Belzona Know-How In Action site search, we have made it more natural.

In particular, searching for multiple words, such as "corroded pump", will return more accurate results but you can also search multiple fields at once, so a search for "Belzona 1212 Plate bonding" will produce a very targeted set of results.

Can I search by Industry/application?

It is possible to do that using the old search which is also available here. However, we would recommend using the new search algorithm by typing in the industry or application area. For instance "Belzona 1341 in pumps" or "FGD repairs in the power industry".

Can I search for only ELITE KHIAs?

The old search is still available here and we are working on being able to provide this option to you for the new search too. However, we believe you can also find accurate results by using the new search engine to search for terms such as "roller repairs in paper mills" or "underwater repairs on offshore platforms".

Still Didn’t Find Your Answer?

Please contact Belzona if you wish to find out more about our products and/or our services.

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We hope you enjoy the updated site and that the new results make it easier for you to find more relevant KHIAs.

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